The unique platform to digitalise your operational excellence approach

From the shop floor to the executive committee, all your employees share
a common and easy-to-use tool, dedicated to the continuous improvement of your operational performance.


A simple and intuitive solution for your workshop rituals and routines

Fabriq collaborative solution for factory teams

All features of the Daily Management System (DMS)

Checklists, audits and Gemba Walks
Visual management
Action plan
Performance Indicators
Problem solving
Continuous Improvement
Standards and knowledge management

Capture and capitalise on information from the field

From the shop floor, your teams report operational issues, spontaneously or during scheduled Gemba Walks and daily performance meetings.

Shop floor collaboration
Continuous Improvement

A single action plan for the whole factory

Centralise structured, up-to-date and complete information (documents, photos, videos) for all plant employees: from operators to the management committee, including support teams (quality, safety, maintenance, supply chain etc.)


Improve the effectiveness of your performance meetings

Save your team leaders up to an hour a day by reducing non-value added time. Boost the efficiency of short interval meetings and animations (SIM) by escalating issues between levels.

Shop floor collaboration
Digital transformation in factories

Boost your visual management and your KPIs

Each team integrates its performance indicators into its workspace, monitors them daily and reports on current operational issues. Make your visual management more dynamic by automating the updating and consolidation of performance indicators.


Measure the impact of your continuous improvement actions

Your continuous improvement projects are prioritized by real data - most recurring topics, detected performance gaps, problem resolution time, etc.

Shop floor collaboration
Digital transformation in factories

Connect your information systems

Fabriq can be easily integrated with your tools (ERP, MES, CMMS, Business Intelligence) to retrieve key information (KPIs, etc.) or enrich your systems with your field data.

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All use case of workshop management

Action plans

Collaborative action plans
Problem sharing and escalation, inter-team collaboration


Visual management
Call, agendas
and minutes


Gemba, Audits,
preventive maintenance,
OK start


Process indicators (Kamishibai, resolution time, recurrence of a problem)
Business and operational indicators,
visualization tool

Problem solving

Lean problem solving tools
( 5Why, root cause analysis,
8D, 4D, ichikawa )
Project management

Communication & resources

Announcements, events, horizontal and top-down communication

Fast and measurable ROI

Actions carried out each
month per team on average

of teams use fabriq
at least once a day

of time saved
by the teams
3 to 5%

additional efficiency gains

to form a production team
of 10 people

membership among operators
and team leaders