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Fabriq x Microsoft

Microsoft Partner

As a member of the Microsoft for Startups programme, Fabriq benefits from a privileged relationship with the Microsoft teams and turnkey integrations with the ecosystem's applications (Excel, Outlook, Teams etc.). 

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fabriq x Outlook

Integrate Fabriq into your Outlook calendar

Connect your calendar Fabriq directly in Outlook and be notified when a new task is assigned to you.

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production team task plan
fabriq x Excel

Automate the update of your KPIs from Excel

You can connect your Excel files to your visual management charts for real-time, automatically synchronized performance data on the shop floor.

fabriq x TEAMS

Share information Fabriq in Teams

Bring operational information from the workshop back into team spaces to facilitate remote collaboration or inter-site information sharing. 

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visual management
fabriq x Power BI

Your Power BI graphs displayed in Fabriq

Are you tracking complex metrics on Power BI? Display them directly in Fabriq and link them to your action plans to improve your performance and save time in your daily rituals.