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Lack of digitization hinders operational performance

In the era of Industry 4.0, the tools for organising performance management on the shop floor are the same as 30 years ago.
The information escalated during the daily rituals is the backbone of the good functioning of the workshop. However, it is not captured, not kept and not shared between the different levels.

Capture shop floor data

A solution designed for industry


Adapt your dashboards to the specific needs of your organization.


Field-specific: smartphone and tablet compatibility, offline operation.


Open API for integration with your existing tools - ERP, MES, CMMS, Business Intelligence.

Security & Privacy

State-of-the-art data protection and guarantee of compliance with requirements GDPR.

Framework Agreement & SLA

We make strong commitments to ensure the success of your deployments.


Continuous support for your teams, on site and remotely.

Fast, tangible results

Fast ROI

Return on investment reaches
on average after 12 weeks

Cost reduction

Improve your efficiency
by 2 to 3%.

Time-saving gains

Your operational problems
solved 2x faster

Capture shop floor data

Centralise all your performance data

Field audits, problems, action plans and indicators are centralized in a single tool to build an enriched and collaborative field knowledge base.

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Connect your teams and speed up problem solving

Action plans are completed on time and teams
save 50% of their time in daily routines.

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Shop floor collaboration
Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement

Better engage your teams in the continuous improvement process

Get the whole factory on board thanks to dynamic visual management and a simple and intuitive solution that brings together all the tools for your operational excellence (SIM, field tour, 5S audit, Gemba, 8D, Standards, Ishikawa, 5 Why, A3 etc.)

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Improve your industrial performance with structured and enriched data from the shop floor

With our analytical tools, you can easily identify the most recurring problems, detect performance gaps as early as possible and make better decisions on a daily basis.

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Shop floor performance analytics
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